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Mother is the most precious word in this world…Mother brings new life to this world…she gives birth to a baby and raises the baby to grow up…In each of the growing step she is always there for the that little one…even when we grow old our mother is always there for us whenever we need her…No one can be more caring than her…whenever we are sad or happy she knows by the expressions by our face…Even in some extreme situations a mother gives up her everything for the sake of her child…she always wants her child to be happy and successful…Sometimes in our perception we may not notice that, but a mother can never be wrong…It is out fault that we sometimes fail to realize what is best for us…

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A mother is the light of life, words of joy and care…so we all must respect and love our mother because she’s the for whom we are here…it is said “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother” ~Abraham Lincoln


An Indispensable Friendship

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People have always tried to find something or someone to trust in life…Everyone needs a good friend to feel some kind of security and companionship…Now-a-days, it is not so easy to find good and loyal friends because there are many kinds of people with different thoughts, feelings and even intellect…Some friendships often make us fall into materialistic behavior against our better judgments…When I was in junior high school at age of twelve; I had some friends who used to tell me I was quite conservative and they weren’t comfortable missing with me…so I thought, “ I don’t want to be lonely” and suddenly I turned into a very different person who changed her own way of being and thinking…Conservations between my friends and me were usually about new fashions, jewelry, singers and so on, mainly not important things…I felt uncomfortable pretending to be somebody that I wasn’t…This kind of relationship is not very deep or sentimental and never lasts for long time precisely because it is superficial…


When there is a real friendship, you are always willing to share all kinds of sadness and joys with your friend…You can trust a real friend completely and feel free to be just the way you are without pretending…Real friendship gives a satisfaction that money can not buy and makes you feel very important to someone you respect and love…Actually it is as important as the love of family…In a real friendship, you find endless loyalty, confidence, and security anytime you need support and protection… Also real friendship places no limit on friends helping each other to reach all their goals and desires….Once we find a real one, it allows us to give ourselves to make our friend feel good…I’m sure this is the only kind of friendship that will be ever lasting..!


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We Believe what we see.We see so many things and think according to that situationBut sometimes there are other meaning can be made from the same situation. The truth can be far more different than it seems. If a person comes to us with open mind we may take him/her as an honest person or sometimes we may think the opposite way or in between of this two our answer can be defined. If somebody shows openness we may think he came with some intension or he is a honest guy. Even on the road we see a lot of female beggars begging with a kid in their laps which they claim to be their own child but you will be very surprise to know that more than 80% of these children are not their own. They rent these children from different person and use them to get extra emotional support. 



If you have ever visited an art gallery you will find different people gives different opinions to the same picture. They cannot be wrong or all of them cannot be right. There is a phrase;“ picture says a thousand words “but what could be the real meaning of the picture that is totally depends on the observer. So what you see, hear or believe doesn’t have to be true all the time. People always see what they want to see, trust what they want to believe and listen what they want to hear. So it’s you, who has to figure it out the difference between the truth and lie before going to any conclusion…

Female Empowerment

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Female empowerment now a –days is so much talked all over the world. For this reason some government of the world take their female citizens to their defense.But personally I think that it should be encouraged to take defense as their profession. Women are treated unfairly for many generations. Among them with strong encouragement very few came into light. It is the women who invented the farming system to build the economy in this world for the first time. In this modern era the working women takes full responsibility of their home, as well as their working place and they manage to do well in both of these sector. But they are so badly treated even today by getting low payment than the male professions. Still there are gender discrimination exists in the society. Even we are having the Prime minister in Bangladesh for more than 16 years rules by female person but still female are treated low in this society.They are regarded as a weak person as physical and not intelligent enough to compete with the male person, which infact a wrong prospect in this society that passed many generation and still it is the blood cell of the social vein…




In this 21st century the scenario is changing day by day .Now there are reserve seats in the parliament for female and also in army and in the working person at least 30% of the total people should be female. But still the women need to be more encouraged. They have all the potential to be successful but having less scope they are left in the dark .So we, as a socially responsible person should treat the women as human being and make sure they have all the rights equally.

Drug Addiction

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DRUGS! This 5 letters word may seem easy to read and say but it has the power to get you addicted and make you forget about all your sorrows and pains for a certain time…people use drugs in 2 different ways; one as medicine that relieves them from health problems and other such as Yaba, Cocaine, Alcohol for enjoyment…The drugs for enjoyment has become an addiction for the young generation in Bangladesh… it becomes a habit once you start you can’t stop…


The teenagers take drugs for several reasons; such as out of curiosity, to socialize with friends, relaxation or fun, to escape from psychological or mental pain…They start taking drugs to make themselves feel better without overlooking the consequences but it ends up making things worse…As a result all they begin to care about is getting high, and once the high wears off, they need to take more just to feel normal again, because they feel like they need drugs or alcohol and may feel sick if they do not have any…Once they get addicted they stop caring about everything except drugs…The family and friends that they used to care about become less important…they become unsocial while making themselves cool among the crowd…

Drug addiction is not only a problem for society but a also big threat to the nation… the Government should take all the necessary steps to protect our young generation from this dreadful addiction of Drugs…!!

Influence of TV Serials

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Television has become an inseparable part of our life. Especially the daily soap Hindi serials are so much popular; as a result every one of us watches one or other TV serial at least once in a day. It is mostly popular among the housewives not only in India also in Bangladesh as well. Almost 90% of these women desperately wait to watch these serials in between their daily chores These serials are related to our day-to-day lives, presents their happiness and sorrows of simple middle class families and also taught them to deal with the big and little issues of life and present before them a real picture of our lives. But now a days most of the serials are just full of so much craps. Since most of theses serials show the family relationship and also shows the problem of the struggling women but they try to show too much of the real picture which is actually destroying the sentiments and image of the women.


In most of the serials it shows a person to be idealistic in the first place but after some times there is a twist and it changes the whole story by showing the same character is against all the good things. What are these stories trying to tell or prove us; that we should not believe in idealism or the person who thinks about the welfare of everyone always has to suffer? The most hated thing in these serials; they always try to focus on how money, power, and reputation can be earned by choosing the wrong path. The funniest thing they show a person who dies in few serials back returning after sometimes to bring a twist in the story. Is it really possible to return after death life? These are just so funny. The most important thing to mention about these serials is that there are too many advertisements are given in it like the costumes, jewelries, looks of the actor/actress. Even sometimes the looks of the character does not goes the role such as when they are sleeping or cooking they are wearing heavy make up and jewelries.


Well my point here is to talk about if they (serials) are not solving our purpose, what is the reality and significance of these serials. Why can’t they make some sensible stories instead of those unrealistic dramas that will help us to choose a right direction rather than going for the wrong paths?


Sense & Sensibility

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While I was going to the University by bus I could not get a seat like the other day for the crowed so I was standing as usual. After going 15 minutes or more when the bus stopped in the next stop one Lady came inside the bus .She was looking so tired and pale. At first I couldn’t recognize but later I found out that she was pregnant and no body was offering a seat not even the younger boys who were so concentrated on their chatting and gossiping and ignored the demand of a seat for that poor lady. I felt so bad that I stood up and gave her my seat. She was so thankful and the gratefulness showed every inch of her face. When I got down I felt so happy that I had a chance to help a person in the time of need.





Another thing happen another day that was so opposites of my early experience. I was coming from my university and found a bus full of people and I had to squeeze myself in the middle. That time a gentle man age around 60 or 62 years old was sitting in front of the row stood up and offered his seat to me .I was so embarrassed because he was an old man and I was not in a position to take his kindness. But he insisted me so much that I had to accept his offer and took his seat. But I felt very bad inside.


I wonder how difference people can be in this world .The person who is responsible for doing his duties they don’t care and who are suppose to get the privilege they are doing the duties instead of them. It is not the matter of gender discrimination it is about showing the respect and they way we should care for each other. We are a civilized nation so we have to carry the dignity towards our people to show respect, to help each other, and to have kindness among us. That’s how people will know us not only for the country name but for a caring nation as well.